When I started this blog on December 7 2010, I honestly don’t really know what general theme will I be writing about. Now, 5 months and several posts later, I think I have quite an idea of what I mostly write about. So I decided to rewrite this whole “Chris Write What” entry.

Looking at majority of my posts, you will see that I mostly right about people or rather my observation of people around me’s behavior. I have to say that most of them contain critics though I tried a good deal not to be judgemental, and some others contain witticism. But all of them contain my view. So please feel free to have your own say about the topic I write. You are very welcome to agree, disagree, or somewhere in between with the point I make in my writing.

Why do I write about people and their attitude in daily life? It seems so ordinary, right? Well, the more I observe it, daily life is not as dull as it sounds. People watching can be quite a fun experience if you see it in an unconventional way. Read some of my entry and you’ll see what I mean.

Well, enough with this babbling. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.