Chris : Hey pal, have you ever in the condition where you suddenly realize that you love something that you never thought you love before?
Friend :…,yeah I know what you mean. I’ve been there before too.
Chris : Quite a feeling huh?
Friend : I’ll say. So…, who’s this girl that makes you experience that “feeling”?
Chris : huh? Girl? What girl are we talking about?
Friend : C’mon, don’t play dumb with me. Tell me about this girl that you never thought you love and you suddenly realize that you do. Is she your childhood friend or si she…
Chris : *laugh*
Friend : What are you laughing at?
Chris : You, silly! You think it’s all about a girl?
Friend : Well of course, it’s…
Chris : Meat buns!
Friend : What?
Chris : Meat buns, I’m talking about meat buns. I always thought that my favorite food is Pizza. But just a couple of days ago I realized that the ones I can’t resist are nice warm meat balls. So in a way…, I love meat buns, but I never realied it before.
Friend : @#*!?!!#*!!

Well folks, the moral of the story is : JUMPING on the trampoline is fun, Bungee JUMPING is fun too, but JUMPING into conclusion and proven wrong — not so fun