“I’m bored”
Hearing that line used to annoy me. I used to think “wow, this person must be very dynamic. He/she just can’t stand the dullness of this situation” or “Wow, what kind of creative peoples is this person usually hang out with? It seems that to him/her we just look so mediocre and boring”

And it used to make me uncomfortable with myself…
I mean if he/she is bored and yet we’re not — does it mean I can just “accept” the dullness around us — does it mean that I indeed am dull to “just be okay” with the dullness?
Well…have you ever get that feeling too?

That’s until I see things from different perspective.
Maybe the one that is really boring is not me but the person who declared that he/she is bored. Why? Look at things this way : the fact that I’m not bored is maybe because I can actually find something I can do or I can turn my thought towards to cope with the situation, no matter how monotonous or how dull things are. And yet, all that the “bored person” can do is declaring that he/she is bored — So not creative. It turned out that it’s the “bored person” oneself who is boring – having not enough creativity to amuse oneself out of the dullness.

So with all that said, I suggest you guys when encountering a person who turn to you and say lazily “I’m bored” look back and say :
“Really? Is that the best you got? Well, maybe it’s because YOU are boring.”
At least maybe they will find that ‘trying to figure out what on earth could you mean with that remarks’ is not quite so boring.