Funny Thing About Adult Is… (In A Child’s View)

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…They think they know what’s best for you and others in everything. How to talk, how to dress, how to behave, etc.
But once in a while, you should see them when they’re going to meet their future in laws — suddenly they have no clue about what to say, what to wear, or even how to behave — for themselves.

Now how can you believe someone that don’t even know what to say, what to wear, and how to behave to tell you how you should talk, dress, and behave?

See? No wonder a lot of children won’t listen to adult’s advice nowadays


Do You Belive in Saint Nick? Or At Least Did you?

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Hey guess what? Christmas is drawing near!! It’s Christmas Eve already! (Whew, it took me long enough to finish this entry)Yay!! And when I say “Christmas”, what passes your mind? Mistletoe, Hanged stocking, fireplace, Christmas tree with fancy lights, and many others right? But I’m sure among that long list of things, there’s one very significant figure : The dear old Santa! Saint Nicholas or Saint Nick or Santa Claus or here in Indonesia (due to the Dutch influence) called Sinterklaas is one of the most if not THE MOST anticipated character when Christmas come, especially for the children all over the world. A nice old grandfatherly type ultra-philanthropist that wear read suit and pointy hat and ride a reindeer sleigh — Epic, ultimate EPIC!

But beyond that, do you realize that Santa is a proof of how powerful a belief is?

So, as the title say : Do you believe in Santa Claus? Or at least did you? If you do or at least you did when you’re a child then CONGRATULATION! You’ve taken part in an amazing phenomenon where a mere legend made real because of beliefs (I’m talking about THE Santa). What do I mean by that? Well…, keep on reading!

Do you remember when you were still a little child? It was Christmas eve and you are having this kind of conversation with your parents :

Little Chris  (LC) : Daddy! It’s Christmas eve! I’m so excited! Tonight Santa Claus will come here and give me presents.

Dad (D) : Well don’t be so sure young one, have you been nice this year?

LC : Of course dad! I’ve counted, I only got kicked out of the class 3 times this year while last year I got kicked out 7 times. I have been a much nicer kid!

D : Errr…, well that’s an improvement. But next time, maybe Santa won’t give you any present unless you NEVER got kicked out of the class.

LC : *look at at dad strangely* No dad! Jeez, don’t you know anything at all about Santa? He’s a very nice guy, he won’t be that mean to me.

D : What the..? *ahem* well anyway, how about round here? Have you been helping your mom out?

LC : OF COURSE! I helped her making a cake one day and I guess I helped her out SO MUCH so that she said “I appreciate you trying to help out today, but I guess I WON’T BE NEEDING YOU TO HELP OUT WITH ANY DISHES EVER AGAIN”

D : I honestly not sure if it’s a good think son but…well okay I guess Santa will come around this year after all *stare lovingly at little Chris and curl up a smile*

LC : Yeah! No doubt! I always know he will, I don’t understand why you are being so skeptical about it.

Mom (M) : I know you are excited dear, but now it’s time for you to go to bed.

LC : But, but…Mom! I don’t fell like sleeping right now, I wanna wait up for Santa Claus to come bring me my present.

M : But you can’t, Santa only come once you are fast asleep, now be a good boy and change in to your pajamas okay?

LC : But mom! It doesn’t make sense, how can he even know whether I’m asleep or not?

M : Now now dear, no arguing on Christmas eve…remember? We’ve agreed to that. Now come here and drink your warm milk before going to bed.

LC : *sigh* Okay mom…

D : Attaboy *pat Little Chris on the head*

and so little Chris go to his bed, BUT with no intention of sleeping, he’s planning to just fake sleeping and wait until Mr. Claus show up to thank him in person for the presents. But it seems that jumping around all day due to anxiousness toward Christmas eve combined with the warm milk he had earlier is not very helping with his cunning plan — he eventually fell asleep and just like the previous years, failed to meet the Santa in person.

The next day, on Dec 25th very early in the morning, little Chris is already up. He usually doesn’t wake up this early, but today is an exception, it’s “present opening day” (a.k.a The Christmas day, duh!). Little Chris is all fired up.

LC : Morning mom, dad! So, HE came didn’t HE?

M : Why don’t you just check it yourself, dear? Are there any presents beneath our Christmas tree.

LC : Yeah, it’s here! a big present box addressed for me! Yay! I’m gonna open it right away.

Mom and Dad just smile and watch Little Chris impatiently trying to open his box of presents.

LC : But dad and mom, have you ever wondered why Santa never want to meet the children he’s giving presents to in person? I mean, he only come when we’re asleep right? So we can’t meet him and say thanks?

D: Didn’t you leave a thank you note for Santa underneath the Christmas tree?

LC : Yeah I did, but that’s not the point. I WANT to meet him in person… I wonder is it because Santa is really a shy type? He doesn’t seem like one, but who knows?

M : *laughing* Maybe son, maybe.

LC : He doesn’t have to be shy with me. Well his fashion sense maybe a bit off compared to today’s standard I mean that red suit and pointy hat? I can see how he can be uncomfortable meeting people who always criticize him on that. But me, I won’t judge him on that. Ah…, I guess I’ll let him know that I don’t care about  his fashion sense next year when i write him the letter and my Christmas list.

Mom and Dad looked at each other and start laughing. Mom is about to give response to Little Chris’ remark, but Dad stopped her and make a gesture sign saying “just let it be” and they continue laughing.

At last, little Chris manage to completely unpack his box of present (the reason it takes so long is because as anxious as he is, little Chris don’t like ripping off the wrapper of his presents, he prefer to “keep things civilized” and ripping of things seems so “barbaric” for him)

LC : Look dad, it’s laser gun toy just like I wanted!

D : Good for you son!

LC : But wait, it’s a little different from what I wanted, yes, it’s definitely a different model. I asked for the one which can shoot 3 different laser colors and make 12 different sounds. This one only shoot one laser color and make 5 different sounds.

D : Son, you have to learn to be thankful even though it is…*little Chris cut him out*

LC : Well of course Dad, I know it’s different from what I asked for but I’m still very thankful for this. As a matter of fact I understand completely why he’s giving me this model instead of the one I asked for.

D : Really?You do?

LC : Yeah! Recently, people have been talking about the financial crisis and how things are getting more expensive right? I bet Santa and his elves have financial crisis too up there in North Pole, poor fellas…

D : Um…, well I don’t think…, err…whatever, you’re probably right, son.

Well, in some years to come little Chris has grown into not-so-little-anymore and learn that dear old Santa is a historical, legendary figure who in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24 (italicized red-colored text is excerpted from Wikipedia definition of Santa Claus). So Santa Claus is actually don’t exist in reality (at least that’s what Chris’ grown up friends and acquaintances believe and induce to him).

But let’s look at things this way : When you are a child you believe that Santa Claus exist, so strongly you believe that this is true so that it is made-so, in your childhood it is made so by your parents by providing you presents underneath the Christmas tree. Your parents may not have created the character, the figure  of Saint Nick but they create the action — the present giving action of Santa Claus, therefore live up the legend of SantaSanta made real to you by your parents (or at least made real action-wise).

But, hey! What do you know? Your belief in Saint Nick has appeal more than just your parents, they appeal this group of people called : “Marketing Force”. You see now, that when you go to a mall, you usually can find Mr. Claus IN PERSON, complete with his white beard, pointy hat, red suit and sometimes even with his companion Zwarte Piet and the elves. WELL, maybe this VERSION of Santa is not everything you expect. His beard is most likely fake, and he prefer handing out flyers or having photo ops with children rather than climbing your roof, down your chimney, and drop presents underneath your Christmas tree (but hey, who can’t blame him? Going up the roof and down the chimney is not an activity considered “safe” for a man his age plus with the constant growing population of the world, delivering presents to each and every children is getting tougher with every passing years. No wonder Santa take a better career opportunity of handing out flyers and having photo ops) and the worst of it all, this version of Santa usually can’t even remember the names of his reindeer other than the red nosed one. But Hey…, you can’t always have what you want the way you wanted it, right?

But look at the fact : You can enjoy the “action” of Santa — the presents underneath your Christmas tree  (this is mostly only works when you’re still a child) and you can see the actual “character” of Santa all because the children keep on believing in Santa. Wondrous, what a mere believe can do, right?

Good Point, Little Girl!

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Just downloaded WordPress for Blackberry App and I can’t wait to try it out. I figure, even though this entry is merely intended to try out the app, I still am obliged to write something interesting for you peeps. Well, one story comes to mind : a story about the beauty of the simplicity of the mind of the young ones (whew, that’s a lot of “of the”s used in one sentence ain’t it?)

So one day I was accompanying my mom and sis to a great huge mall in the heart of Jakarta (I know you can guess what mall it is), and as most females in malls they did the routine of spending hours looking around the shops. Getting bored, I decided to go people watching.
My attention caught by a little girl playing LEGO (there’s currently a free-to-use LEGO playing site inside the mall) accompanied by her mother. Those two are having arguments, it seems that the mother want them to get going while the little girl insist to finish building her LEGO construction before they leave. It seems they’re running late for something because the mother said “C’mon, let’s going already. As a matter of fact, we should have left ten minutes ago“. You know what the little girl’s answer? Her answer is very smart and right-on. She said “Mom, if you don’t constantly bothered me while I was building this construction, I would have finished it fifteem minutes ago“.
Boo Yah mam! Your daughter got a very good point there!

As We Grow (Un)Wiser

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As the year stacked up behind us, we are generally expected to become (and mostly feel that) smarter, wiser, stronger, or generally just getting better than before. That is in most cases are true, c’mon you can’t spent 16 years sitting on your ass learning counter-intuitive skills (and yet, when you climbed the ladder of our career high enough, your started using more and more of your…intuition, but don’t worry our education system WORKS, or at least no one has been bold enough to prove or even think otherwise) plus going through your PE classes and not pick up a thing or two that can make you…well better.

But all those so-called “better things” came by what cost? Your innocence? Your playfulness? Your happiness? The fact is, I rarely find an adult having the radiant-happy looks of a child given candy cane — and even that adults has just received his/her Christmas bonus — can you imagine how many candy canes you can get with that bonus?

I can easily bore you out with talks of what we lost from our childhood as we grow *cough* wiser *cough*, so I’ll just point out one thing, one important thing that I think we lost along the way we acquire our so called mature-ness, and we could somehow re-acquire it would make our life a bit happier…, at least that’s what I think.

I’ll make my point with a story — a story from when little Chris is no older than 6 years old

At that time, little Chris has among other things two unusual and impressive friends. Those two are people from a very different background — One of them (from now on, let’s call him Jo) came from a very thick-cultured Javanese family while the other one (from ow on, let’s call him Vic) spent most of his pre elementary school years somewhere in the US, before his parents got back to Indonesia and of course bring him along. The significant difference that can easily be assessed by 6-year-old Chris is the way those two communicate, they both have their own second language (besides Indonesian) and of course the their own distinctive accents. As young children, their experience regarding cultural gaps as what they were having at the time is very limited, they can’t quite stand each other at first. Reflecting on his family and relatives; in Jo’s mind the ability to speak Javanese supposed to come naturally to everyone in his neighborhood (“Hey, even the island we’re on called Java — how come you can’t speak the language, huh?” maybe that’s what in Jo’s mind at the time). The same goes with Vic and English, in his mind the fluency of English usage is linear with one’s intellectual competence. So when Jo met Vic and it turned out Jo doesn’t speak English nor Vic speaks Javanese, the fact bothered those two. At this point, each one of them have two options :

  • Emphasizing the fact that the other can’t do what he can and acknowledge it as a flaw, leading to branding the other as “stupid“.


  • Emphasizing the fact that the other can do what he can’t and acknowledge it as a quality, leading to branding the other as “smart“.

It turned out that, just mere children they might be at the time, but they surely can think very rationally. they know that by choosing the former option, each one of them will end up having a stupid friend who thinks he is stupid. But if they choose the latter option, each one of them will end up having a smart friend that thinks he is smart. Even children know that the result of choosing the latter option is by far more beneficial that choosing the former option, so they wisely choose the latter option.

What I’m trying to say is unfortunately as we grow older, we tend to forget how to think logically like Vic and Jo. All those time in classes and working in a cubicle tend to degrade our minds it seems. Because it turned out that, in the situations regarding difference in value such as in Vic and Jo’s situation I see that adults have more tendencies to choose the former options in the way of seeing things, while even children have higher tendencies to choose the latter options in the way of seeing things (whereas as elaborated above — in most cases– choosing the latter option is by far more beneficial). So as those years stacked up behind us, can we really say that we go wiser? Go figure!