You’re Not All That…

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I find the time to write another entry again… Yay!

Well do you guys use twitter? Or Facebook? Or BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)?

Have you ever notice tweets,  or Facebook status updates, or BBM personal statuses that goes something like this :

“F*** you bitch, you’re not all that pretty after all!”

or like this :

“Hey prick, you ain’t so good looking after all!”

Well…, you know that bitter messages which I personally think is a bit pathetic.  Why I say it’s pathetic? Because I know, in most cases that kind of tweets/statuses are not ‘the complete and honest version’ of what the writer had in mind. If you’re wondering what ‘the complete and honest version’ looks like, it probably goes like this :

“F*** you bitch, you’re not all that pretty after all…yet I like you and hoped you didn’t turn me down”

or this :

“Hey prick, you ain’t so good looking after all…but how I hoped you’d prefer me over that big-b***ed sl*t”

Got my point?

The written messages may say “You’re not all that…”  but the implied messages you deliver is that the person is not all that attractive/charming/good looking/smart/(any ‘positive’ adjective) but the truth is “You ARE all that attracted or charmed or whatever so that you just have to make such a big deal about it”. If you’re prone to sent those kind of messages, my advice is that, if you don’t like someone or you just found out that someone “is just not worth it” – stop giving them so much credit. Remember that the tweets/statuses/PMs you write will be there for all your followers/contacts/friends to see – along wit the implied messages – do you really want to give the one you refer as “prick: or “bitch” all that buzz and credit? Think Again.


The Storm’s Pickup Line…

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One time, the storm got a crush on the green pasture. The storm’s well aware of his erratic characteristic and how that may cause hesitation on the green pasture’s end to let the storm approach further. Yet, to change the way he is — is not something the storm think as a wise choice — and faking it is even worse.

So here’s what the storm come up with : “Well my dear Green Pasture…, you well know the way I am, thus if you hang with me I can’t guarantee that you won’t get wet or even ended up in a mess. But this I assure you — the spectacle of the lightning bolt, the adrenaline rush caused the roaring thunder, and the ‘dance’ we have when I come carrying the wind unto you will make it all worthwhile — or even more. So, what do you say?”

(Not) About A Girl

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Chris : Hey pal, have you ever in the condition where you suddenly realize that you love something that you never thought you love before?
Friend :…,yeah I know what you mean. I’ve been there before too.
Chris : Quite a feeling huh?
Friend : I’ll say. So…, who’s this girl that makes you experience that “feeling”?
Chris : huh? Girl? What girl are we talking about?
Friend : C’mon, don’t play dumb with me. Tell me about this girl that you never thought you love and you suddenly realize that you do. Is she your childhood friend or si she…
Chris : *laugh*
Friend : What are you laughing at?
Chris : You, silly! You think it’s all about a girl?
Friend : Well of course, it’s…
Chris : Meat buns!
Friend : What?
Chris : Meat buns, I’m talking about meat buns. I always thought that my favorite food is Pizza. But just a couple of days ago I realized that the ones I can’t resist are nice warm meat balls. So in a way…, I love meat buns, but I never realied it before.
Friend : @#*!?!!#*!!

Well folks, the moral of the story is : JUMPING on the trampoline is fun, Bungee JUMPING is fun too, but JUMPING into conclusion and proven wrong — not so fun

Chris’ Coffee Time Analogy

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Arrogance and fanaticism to knowledge are like sour aftertaste to a premium coffee. It’s a bad part of something good, but unfortunately it bound to coexist with the good thing.



Amusing what you can find if you take time to look into some details.

Ground Bean? What the hell happened to "PEANUT"?


I'm not sure what "Batt ray" is. but I'm sure that it has nothing to do with X-Ray or Blu Ray

I think she decided to change her stage name...mmm...I think the change is too subtle though

Anyone in a mood for light bites? Some "SNEK" maybe?

No littering! Please put your "trush" in the "trush" bin...Wait...what the hell is a "trush"?

Chris Write What?

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When I started this blog on December 7 2010, I honestly don’t really know what general theme will I be writing about. Now, 5 months and several posts later, I think I have quite an idea of what I mostly write about. So I decided to rewrite this whole “Chris Write What” entry.

Looking at majority of my posts, you will see that I mostly right about people or rather my observation of people around me’s behavior. I have to say that most of them contain critics though I tried a good deal not to be judgemental, and some others contain witticism. But all of them contain my view. So please feel free to have your own say about the topic I write. You are very welcome to agree, disagree, or somewhere in between with the point I make in my writing.

Why do I write about people and their attitude in daily life? It seems so ordinary, right? Well, the more I observe it, daily life is not as dull as it sounds. People watching can be quite a fun experience if you see it in an unconventional way. Read some of my entry and you’ll see what I mean.

Well, enough with this babbling. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.